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Enthusiastic and dedicated” are those words that I use to describe about my most favorite Thai teacher – Nan. And here are reasons: 1. She knows exactly what she should explain to you in the most easiest way about Thai grammar or any thing that make you confusing. She stands at the position of foreigner learning Thai, understand what difficulty you might have and figure out which is the best way to teach you . Even Though i have to work everyday and dont have enough time to review Thai, but I still can remember lot of new words and apply it in each circumstance. 2. She is very patient. She wont give up until you can totally understand (after experiencing few Thai schools and more than 7 teachers, “patience” is what i really need. Those teacher just try to explain and guide me 1, 2 times then they just laugh and tell me just move on)
Jo From Vietnam
Learning Thai with kru Nan is simple and easy and I improved my Thai and my understanding of Thai a lot.
David From America
Learning Thai with mother tongue. She clearly understand me and gave explanation with scenarios which is help a lot.
Melissa From Singapore
Great experience learning Thai language here. The appropriate method of teaching as well as well-prepared materials here have helped me to really improve my ability to speak and listen, despite my busy schedule.
Maxx From Vietnam
Kru Nan has written a beautiful book to help foreigners like me learn How to speak, read, and write Thai language. It takes your hand and gently walks you through step by step! If you want to learn Thai, I recommend this book!
Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, MCC From America

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